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Wilderness of History

Double Barrel Barleywine

Barrel Barleywine comes with the promise of sweet caramelized malt butter teetered back by time & the brawn of distiller’s barrels. A restrained sticky sweetness needled by bits of nutty wood, bourbon, specialty malts, toasted granola & taffy complexity of long boils. Old Foghorn this is not. Most early 2020s barleywines drink like Barry Bond’s forearms when every third ball landed wet in McCovey Cove, but Wilderness of History is not without subtlety & grace. Jacked, but natty & flush with tradition hellbent on two rounds of choice, long residency spirit barrels & careful hands minding the perils of heat, cloying sweetness & boring recipe formulation. The Wilderness of History is gauged by all. Pull up a chair & sift through time with friends & neo-heritage barleywine.