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Half Acre is one of Chicago’s pioneering breweries. Founded in 2007, we originally brewed beer in Black River Falls, Wisconsin for the handful of Chicago bars and shops that would give us a go. Those early, educational days offered us the belief that we could build a brewery which would find support from the locals.

So in 2008, we stitched our Lincoln Ave brewery together with used equipment and sweat. This is where we first brewed Daisy Cutter Pale Ale in 2009. Chicagoans were quick to make this beer their own and spread the word about Half Acre. Growth and lessons came fast. We opened the retail shop – a first of its kind – and a taproom, where a dynamic developed between our brewers and the local beer culture.

In 2013, we purchased 2050 W Balmoral Ave, the place that would eventually allow Half Acre to grow into the regional brewery you know today. We’ve poured our beer at festivals all over the world, collaborated with many celebrated breweries both big and small, and maintained focus on creativity and integrity as the force for what we do.

Today we employ over 100 terrific humans at the Balmoral production brewery, which is also home to our taproom, beer garden and shop. It’s a space where we constantly try to elevate our understanding of what this all can be.


Half Acre


At Half Acre, we strive to consistently deliver great beer experiences by brewing with quality ingredients and processes. Below are some general guidelines for enjoying our beer. Thank you for participating in our quality control by providing feedback. We’ll review the information provided and reach out to you shortly.


Keep beer cold—as close to 36ºF as possible

Enjoy your beer as fresh as possible (see the Freshness Shelf Life outline)

Feel free to store or “cellar” dark beers of high alcohol content for a period if you prefer the results. Be aware that the character of the beer will change with time, and certain attributes will diminish in intensity, especially adjunct flavors. *Adjuncts are added components such as vanilla or coconut.

Shelf Life

Enjoy within this time frame from package date:

Most brands – 3 months

Pony, Green Torch, and LagerTown – 6 months

Dark beers of high alcohol content (>10% abv)- Can be stored several months after package date, but the best intensity and character will come through if enjoyed as fresh as possible.

Half Acre Keg Carbonation Levels

All brands – 2.60 v/v (at 36ºF, set the regulator to 12.0 psi)

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