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Twin Chariot

Imperial Stout Aged in Bourbon & Peach Brandy Barrels with Madagascar Vanilla

Swooping into Damp January, we submit our first barrel aged beer for 2024. Twin Chariot is a blend of a young stout that splashed through Peach Brandy barrels and older volume that had gained more mature barrel complexity during a 20-month stay in Elijah Craig barrels. A tall pour yields a frothy, latte head that settles into a cocoa ring. Bright and fruity peach character and the earthen richness from the time-honored barrel stout equally float up from the glass. Vanilla works as an extending, connective force between pillars of peach ice cream and dark chocolate drizzle. I’d say more a classic Haagen-Dazs, a tranquil dedication to the rich simplicity found in blockbuster elements vs. the occasionally cluttered profile of a Ben & Jerry’s, obviously pandering to the bong crowd. No matter, you’re going to love it.