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Strawberry Fruit Friends

Tart Fruit Beer

Back when the Wyld Cove was humming, we had loads of pleasantly tart fruit beer flowing from 500ml bottles. Since, we’ve been threatening to make fruited tart beer in the big brewery to send out to the world.

So, we did. Strawberry Fruit Friends.

Fruit Friends will show up a couple times this year, each a different fruit arrangement. Wrangling the science books & as a testament to our Pilot Cellar, we offer you a very light & bright, tart strawberry beer.

Fruit Friends pours a blush of red with perfect clarity. Fresh strawberry aroma is apparent with strawberry Jello & whipped cream flavors rushing to the front. A crisp wheat malt on the back end allows the refreshing berry to linger without an overabundance of acidity or sweetness bogging things down.