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Sickle Through Sable

Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

Time for the sickle.
Icy knives of flitch light split the heavy black.
Sticky legs make way over fallen fire.
Dead and wet, sugars trapped, deciduous sleep.
Toadstools worm up through must and mold.
The fur creatures now fat.
All Hallows stole the sun.
Time for the sickle.

The core of the total volume stems from a recipe that deeply leans into our ability to pull forward the qualities of chocolate from kilned barley. This volume spent time in both Heaven Hill and Bardstown Bourbon barrels.

The second component looks to amplify roast and mouthfeel while diversifying yeast profile and bourbon experience. This volume spent time in both Weller and Eagle Rare Bourbon barrels.

The third is the All Hallows chapter. A Barleywine aged in Balcones Single Malt Whiskey barrels to flex alternative dimension into this rich, molten stout.

The total blend was then infused with two different varieties of roasted Cocoa Nibs from @darkmattercoffee. The first, Forastero, a classic nib. The second, Jaguar, has a nutty, fruit driven character.

Scooping it from the glass, you’ll uncover a choco-nutto squid ink custard fudge-frozen in bourbon gunk and laid to liquid rest in dark celebration of Hallow’s Eve. Terrify your entire neighborhood while drooling through the sensory playlist of GIANT chocolate, sweet honeycomb, nutty Mary Janes®, scant tobacco, black mission fig and nightmares. To the ghosts, to the ghouls and to you.