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On & On Part 4

Double Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

We arrive with the 4th edition of our collaboration barrel project with @revbrewchicago. Barrel aging beer forces some high level reality, but beneath those headlines you find oodles of nuance. You crack open details that you hope admirers of these beers find & appreciate. At Half Acre we’re fairly agnostic, looking for bold qualities wherever we can find them. With Part 4, it feels like a Rev dialect, hanging closer to the power of process & the unique qualities gained with traditional methodology. Their partnership on these beers has been great. It’s the beer, but it’s also a process of hosting one another, exhibiting mutual respect.

An aggressive pour evacuates the aromas you’d hope for; choco-roast, barrel spirit & classic stout – fresh 2005 Old Rasputin – on a raft of final gravity. Early sips land letter-of-the-law, double barreled, twice dipped in Elijah Craig 18-year + a mix of Willet 6-year & 9-year barrels. All you folks that come to our barrel releases are like “you guys should do a non-adjunct release to highlight the…” Well, here you go. A barrel charged Reinheitsgebot funnel cloud. There’s a prevailing cohesion that makes On & On 4 what we’d hoped. The confluence becoming tougher to pin down & certainly the most interesting element. Notes of chocolate saltwater taffy, bourbon, campfire, high-kilned specialty malts & Entenmann’s™ donuts.