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Midnight Choir

Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

For the first time, we’ve used Nitrogen in a canned Half Acre beer. Long fans of nitro draft offerings, we worked up the technical hill to deliver maximum silk texture in a can & further accentuate the enveloping quality we strive to create in earthquake stouts.

Midnight Choir comes from four different recipes across four different types of our *chef’s kiss* bourbon barrels. The lion’s share of this beer has been in our barrel cellar for over two years.

A 180º flip of the can pipes stout down the middle of the glass, allowing Midnight Choir to release countless nitrogenated bubbles up to the surface of the glass where a hearty disk of hushpuppy head forms. As you’d hope, first sips physically deliver a wetsuit of thick, serene stout meringue.

No adjuncts – a real flex of the full-glow ability raw material, under the right guidance, has to throw huge flavor. Frothed chocolate whip, fudgin’ fondue, assorted fruit leather, big-check sipping bourbon, sweet vermouth & cherry Garcia.