Before Land Shook

Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout

Welcome to Stout Season. For our first release we introduce Before Land Shook, a Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout with Vanilla, Marshmallow & Sea Salt that lands at 14.3% ABV.

Before Land Shook is a blend of three mature beers. Half of its total volume is a roast-driven recipe that was aged in a mix of both Pinhook & Eagle Rare Bourbon barrels. The second is a smoother, cocoa-driven recipe that landed in a clean split of 11-year Heaven Hill & Elijah Craig Bourbon barrels. The third, a cocoa & cherry-driven recipe, saw freshly emptied Knob Creek Bourbon barrels. Each component aged for 16 months prior to blend & before receiving an assertive infusion of Madagascar Vanilla Beans, Vegan Marshmallow & Sea Salt.

As Before Land Shook rolls into the glass, you’re reminded of how lapping up a bunch of summer beers has been nice, but like Wim Hoff plunging into Nordic ice water, there’s something irreplaceable about taking on mighty beers born in barrels. Tilting the glass to your nose, layers of coco marshmallow graham char are immediate. First gulp, F-U-D-G-E. Every dropped degree outside make sense as your digestive track is bronzed in the decadent, dark flavors of immense black beer. A commune of dessert flavors ~ flaming nougat, choco tres leches, dark chocolate Watchamacallit™ & melted vanilla ice cream heap loads of stout’s most distinct flavors. In this sport, scale & complexity reign & Before Land Shook DOES.