September 1, 2016

Tasty Waves

We brew boat loads of pale ales, they’re the core of our volume.  You knew that.  Why have three different ones at any given time? Because they’re delicious.  As brewers and people that deeply appreciate the role of beer, we can, should and do complicate that, but let’s not forget to check our cerebral baggage at the gate and simply take in volumes of easily translatable enjoyment.  Take moments to dissect, go on safari and mount the exotic, push for flavors only accessible through time and esoteric process, but remember to take off your bush coat, put down your spyglass and suck down pale ales simply because they’re fucking delicious.

This Pale Ale, Tasty Waves, gathers its tour de force via simple base malts, an easy dose of Rye and Munich, then charges of Columbus, Amarillo and some of the modern lusts, Galaxy & Citra.  All said, everyday pleasure fit for kings. 


release: 9/2 22oz bomber: $6.9932 oz howler refill: $864oz growler refill: $1516oz pour: $6

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