October 4, 2016

Sticky Fat

On Friday, we turn the dial to Sticky Fat, our annual wet hopped dark ale. 

Just as in years’ past, the hands and machines at Hop Head farms picked 450lbs of Chinook one morning, trucked them into Chicago and by early afternoon they were in our brewhouse. This year, we decided to dry hop Sticky Fat with additional Chinook poundage in order to further emphasize the beer’s connectedness to the green gold that makes things tick. The result is upfront in cedar and citrus, with smoothing chocolate covered caramel and overall piney spice. Drink it and be grateful for all the men and women who have their hands on the bines long before beer hits your glass.  

Sticky Fat is the chant of the bear.  The bear’s lore has been recounted before. As in all places where acreage is king, the quiet creates voices. If you haven’t gotten off the pavement in a while, wander out past the lights and listen for yourself. Bring bombers of the Fat if you want to hear them more clearly.  To Darkness~


release date: 10/7 at 11am22oz bomber: $8.9964oz growler refill: $19 32oz howler refill: $10 16oz pour: $7 

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