January 30, 2017

Shrub Tundra

The role of coffee throughout our brewery is rivaled only by our dedication to the creation of technically raw and ripping beers. In Shrub Tundra, we celebrate the compatibility of these two life bloods. 

An English brown ale base beer, touched by the creative influence of Dark Matter. 
This year the final beverage is 3.5% coffee, extracted from Faro and Sarchimor, both grown at Finca San Jeronimo Miramar in Guatemala. 
You can read about the farm here, on Dark Matter’s blog

Shrub Tundra comes out this Friday. Come drink it and give thanks to the elements in this life that elevate and deflate, as needed. 


release date: 2/3/17 6.3% ABV 22oz bomber: $8.9932oz howler refill: $964oz growler refill: $1716oz pour: $7

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