March 15, 2016

Powder Blue

We’ve been brewing beers with Short’s since 2010, when we discovered at a conference that we both hold a deep respect for the boognish. Powder Blue is a new one, an IPA featuring Mosaic, El Dorado and 130 gallons of pureed blueberry, drink it and set the course.

The following are some excerpts from Ween’s tour diaries. Nothing overtly special, just an investment in the oddity of everyday.  

2003-07-25 Pittsburgh, PA – Club Laga – arrived the night before, back in old pittsburgh. aaron swears that i promised we’d never play pittsburgh again but i recall saying we’d never play club metropol again. either way, this club was better for sure, nice folks and a sold out show. experienced the backlash from our all request concert a few nights before, people were calling out for “where’d the cheese go” most of the night. i thought we played a little sloppy, but it was actually a pretty eventful show for opening night. topless girls all over the stage during lmlyp to close the show, a few fights, and some dude literally broke thru a wall to get into our dressing room before getting tossed from the club and pummeled by bouncers. ironically enough, me and glenn and this same guy (the wallbreaker) went down the street for hot dogs and french fries like 15 minutes after this incident. ween is all about pleasing the kids, everyone knows that.

2002-04-23 Lexington, KY – Kentucky Theatre – This was our first time in Lexington and I was impressed by how clean the city was—also, there wasn’t a soul on the street after dark. Mick Preston and I generally will walk or drive as far as we have to go to find a Waffle House when we’re on tour, but we ended up settling for a Huddle House instead, which to my surprise was every bit as delicious–even though it’s an obvious rip-off of the real thing, right down to the pecan waffles and scattered and smothered hash browns and shit. This was a really cool old theater, and directly adjacent to the concert was the Miss Gay Kentucky drag queen paegant. I don’t remember much about this show, except I thought we played pretty solid and we hit some bar afterwards and then some house party, and then a second trip to the Huddle House.

2003-10-08 Missoula, MT – MT University Theater – i don’t remember much about this one either except that it was a good gig. some kids printed up counterfeit tickets and it caused a bit of a stir. i thought it was pretty punk rock and was honored in a way. we have been hearing about this town for awhile and finally made it there. unfortunately i didn’t get to see any of it except for the hotel bar where i watched the yankees with some homeless guy who had a plate in his head.


release date: 3/18 7.6% ABV22oz bottle: $9.9932 oz howler refill: $1164oz growler refill: $2016oz pour: $7

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