August 5, 2016


We met Ed a while ago.  We quickly appreciated his intensity and willingness to dive into everything.

Lumpen, for us, has purity in its intent. It exists to communicate things that they feel should be discussed ~ whether they be political, cultural, artistic, or just plain strange.  A 25 year mission that would’ve ended if not for a basic connection with the process and goal.  

Brewing a beer with Ed for the 20th was a treat, now he has a brewery, too, so here comes the collab in celebration of putting out weird things for people to consume.

A.J. Liebling once said: that the ‘freedom of the press belongs to those who own one.’ So it’s a good thing we do.
– Ed Marszewski, Publisher of Lumpen Magazine

Lumpen is a long running magazine that chronicles the countercultures. The scathing and hilarious arts culture and politics magazine has been recognized and celebrated for its editorial that is poignant and thought-provoking to marginalized and irreverent.

For 25 years Lumpen has been a champion of independent culture showcasing the literary and visual arts, culinary culture, innovative music, start up businesses, progressive politics and irreverent humor. We started with Lumpen magazine, branched out to the web, started more publications, events, festivals and now, an FM radio station for the City of Chicago on the dial at 105.5fm

To celebrate and mark the 25th anniversary of Lumpen Magazine, fellow arts and culture supporters Gabriel Magliaro and Matt Gallagher, of Half Acre Beer collaborated with Lead Brewer Tim Lange and Lumpen publisher, Ed Marszewski of Marz Community Brewing, to brew an Imperial Red Lager, with an ABV of 7.5%.

This is the second time Half Acre has made a commemorative beer for Lumpen . On it’s 20th anniversary in 2011, Half Acre brewed the Imperial Red Ale called The Chairman and that experience probably foolishly inspired the Lumpens to get into brewing.

In poking fun at the left wing publication, Magliaro suggested that. “It could be fun to bend the name of the beer around the idea of a giant, all encompassing organization that aims to pull the life from anything pure and successful.” and suggested the name of the beer Omnolith. It was unanimously endorsed by all.

To bring the collaboration to another level the design of the label was worked on by both breweries’ lead designers.

Phineas Jones, from Half Acre worked with Marz Community Brewing’s Creative Director, Michael Freimuth, to capture the spirit of Lumpen’s Omnolithic irreverence by using inspiration from the architecture of Brutalist east european monuments. By examining the shapes and geometry of those 60’s era structures the two were able to design a simple minimalist icon to adorn the label.

On Friday, August 12, Omnolith will be released at Half Acre Beer Company’s Lincoln facility at 11 am. Lumpen Magazine will be giving away various back issues of the publications at the bottle release event.

That night Lumpen will take over Maria’s Package Goods and Community Bar (960 W 31st St) for the south-side bottle release and celebration.

Starting at 5pm , attendees can either get a bottle to go or enjoy a draft pour in the bar. Kimski will be creating a special to pair with the beer and more back issues of the Lumpen magazine will be given away.


adjective lum·pen ˈlu̇m-pən

Definition of lumpen:
of or relating to dispossessed and uprooted individuals cut off from the economic and social class with which they might normally be identified

Lumpens: a member of the crude and uneducated lowest class of society

Description of Lumpen from the Chicago Reader:

First published in 1991, Lumpen stays on top of the liberal underground with quality articles, reviews, interviews, and essays about art, politics, and everything we should be pissed off about, such as privatization, militarism, and corporate power. Even better, the publication goes beyond bitching about everything wrong in the world and actually offers resources for social activism and community transformation. Issues are published irregularly, and the website is a fascinating mess, but that just puts Lumpen squarely in the long tradition of the underground media.


Release Date: 8/12/16 at 11am7.5% ABV 22oz bomber: $8.9932oz howler refill: $964oz growler refill: $1716oz pour: $7

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