May 7, 2021

Lincoln Avenue


We want to share the exciting news that later this year we will transition our brewery on Lincoln Ave, one of Chicago’s oldest brewery locations, and our first home, to our friends Hop Butcher.

In many ways we’ve been working toward this since December 2013, when we purchased our Balmoral brewing location. Balmoral is able to house all of our needs and provide a path toward growth. Lincoln has always been great for us, holding a special place in our lineage as a business and culture. Though in beer, much of the language and the way of things is about movement and evolution. This transition allows us to keep moving, try new things and provide the same opportunity to people we respect.

Selling Lincoln to just anyone wasn’t possible. Lincoln Ave is a place where people have come to enjoy good beer and connect under the umbrella of shared interest for many years. It has significance beyond being Half Acre, it’s a piece of Chicago culture. It was our responsibility to place it in hands that would carry that torch. Jude La Rose, Co-Founder of Hop Butcher, has been coming into Half Acre on Lincoln Ave most every week for as long as we can remember. Jude embedded himself at Half Acre, sees the world similarly, and along with his partner, Jeremiah, will be great stewards for its future. Inevitably they’ll reinterpret what it is, but we know they’ll keep the light on for good beer at 4257 N Lincoln Ave.

Lincoln became what it is today due to the support of so many people coming to enjoy what we make. We couldn’t be more grateful. Lastly, Lincoln was created by many at Half Acre. Matt and I offer sincere thanks to those that pushed life into it, looked after it, and together, made one of Chicago’s most original destinations for beer. Your efforts will echo for years to come.

To properly celebrate the transition we’ll be making collaborative beers and working together with Hop Butcher to highlight and help define what it means for two growing breweries to link histories in this way. Keep an eye out.

Half Acre Beer Co

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