October 1, 2020

Heavy in the Air

Heavy in the Air  Mixed Culture Lager with Honey and Melons 6.7%

A collaboration with @burialbeer from Asheville, NC.

Doug from Burial joined us many moons ago and brewed a fairly straightforward lager into stainless. After a month it was racked into chardonnay barrels with Wisconsin wildflower honey. After a year in oak, Heavy In The Air was then refermented on mixed melons from Seedling Orchard in Michigan at a rate of 3lbs per gallon.

Tart and soft  with so much melon and fruit without becoming one dimensional. Green 500’s – these little emeralds need your milk money. Let the light in and kiss the warmth good bye.

The chardonnay barrels came from Kurt Russsel’s winery in CA.  Dean Proffitt!

Release – 9/30/20

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