May 10, 2018

Hang Time

The beer industry has long been layered in the party business. Here at Half Acre, making and selling beer has always been about the properties of experience good beer elevates. 

And while we know you’re out there curating your own stellar time, every once in a while we like to roll out the carpet and invite you into our version. 

Now there are mountains of beer events year round that gorge themselves in the summer and pop all over your free time. We thought we’d briefly outline for you what we have coming down the line, with more details to come as they creep closer. 


To be honest, pretty much every week is craft beer week for us, and we’re guessing it is for you too, but that doesn’t mean we can’t choose collectively to really cram it in there. 

May 17th & 18th

First, a beer week welcome at Sleeping Village

Together with pals from Hopewell and On Tour, we invite you to Trek to the Waterfall.

Then on Friday, at both our breweries, you’ll find a double beer release, wyld tap takeover, and $1 off all our available core beers. We’ll also have the garage door open at Lincoln Avenue with snacks and the beer garden ready for you at Balmoral, with a Dakota full of cans. 

Saturday, August 18th

Our third annual The Big North. This party is about showing all of those who support us the widest view of our landscape. We concoct a bunch of new beers, pull favorites from the cooler, book bands we like to dance to, and expand our weirdest edges to fold you in. Held at our facility on Balmoral, year one was about showing you the production space, in year two we unveiled the tap room, and this year we’ll share how it all works together in the pursuit of our duality. 

Saturday, October 13th 

In October of this year, we’ll be hosting an invitational creative gathering downtown. Inspired by our own travels and festival experience, we’ve invited brewers (and a handful of wine makers) who are located outside of Illinois to come experience the abundant energy and vibrant humans Chicago has to offer.

We appreciate the time you spend with us, whether it be in our tap rooms on a Thursday or at a blowout event, and hope to see you this summer. 


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