May 9, 2016

Galactic Double Daisy Cutter

At Half Acre, Chicago Craft Beer Week signifies the start of our sweat season. All industries have one, the winter holidays, back to school, the rotation of playoff runs. As temps rise, people peel out of their homes and we push ourselves to match the collective thirst. 

To ring the bell, we brew Galactic Double Daisy Cutter. A war cry in honor of easy  enjoyment and basic pleasure. Our flagship pale ale, tactfully swoll and layered in testament to the Galaxy hop. 

In the end, we’re all working towards the same thing; to hang tuff with our favorite creatures and have flowing access to the beers that make us feel most at home.  


release date: 5/2022oz bomber: $9.99 (limit 4 per person)32oz howler refill: $11 (limit 64oz per person)64oz growler refill: $20 (limit 64oz per person) 16oz draft pour: $7

If you come out on Friday, we’ll be having a brewery open house from
$8 (cash only) gets you two pours and a pork belly slider from Half Acre Head Chef, Nick Lacasse. 

We hope to see you in there. 

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