June 22, 2016

Freedom of ’78

There’s a home in Logan Square that has housed Half Acrens for the last 8 years. Our owner and his wife lived there first, then our head brewer and the woman who would become his wife, then another brewer and his wife and now a couple that met at Half Acre and got married. When they move out, someone else will sign the lease and continue the custom, making sure to preserve the Half Acre lineage. 

Last year we brought Freedom of ’78 back from a 5 year absence. Originally brewed with Short’s Brewing, this beer is outlandish and crushable, channeling the effect of Ween on the brain.  

The return of Freedom supplied a new tradition for the Half Acre house. In honor of the chill vibes emitted here, we gather as a company and squeeze onto the porch for a Half Acre Family Photo. Then we hang out, drink beers, and watch the dogs tear it up, because that’s the whole point. 


release date: 7/1/16 22oz bomber: $8.99 64oz growler refill: $2032oz howler refill: $1116oz pour: $7

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