February 3, 2016


Time to punch the clock on Double Daisy Cutter.  

Brewed on our Braukon brewhouse, this batch of Double Daisy was about the 700th turn at our new brewery. Lee made the wort, most of the crew teased it through the cellar and the packaging guys are pushing it into bottles as I type.

We pride ourselves on consistency, and our new lab gives us better tools to call bullshit on ourselves, but coaxing plants through a process always yields adventure.  A sample yanked from the bright tank pre intravenous CO2 showed big flavor, some sharp tones, tropical flash in flavor and nose and an ample density that gives this beer the weight we’ve come to enjoy.  

We release this beer on Friday, February 12th.  If you’re around, swing by our shop on Lincoln and drag home this fresh kill to your cave.  


Release Date: 2/12/1622oz bomber: $9.99 (limit 6 per person) 64oz growler refill: $20 (limit 64oz per person)32oz howler refill: $11 (limit 64oz per person)16oz pour: $7

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