February 11, 2021

Double Barrel Catch Hell Release Info

Double Barrel Catch Hell – DOOM STOUT

The base of Double Barrel Catch Hell shattered our previous records of starting gravity, raw materials used, and boil times. After fermentation in stainless, it saw a nine-month slumber in Four Roses Small Batch barrels. With the base clearly having much more to give, we then racked it into Four Roses Single Barrel Select barrels for another 13-months. Typically, our program looks at spirit barrels less as finishing vessels, and more as a raw material that becomes an integrated ingredient — but for this beer, we really wanted to celebrate the character and intensity of the barrel. After 22-months of steamrolling through bourbon country, it bulldozed its way through one pound of vanilla beans per oak barrel and an eager dosing of Vietnamese cinnamon.

From inception, to the laborious brew day, a second round of barrels, and finally selecting and blending – Double Barrel Catch Hell has been gaining momentum with every step. Despite the sheer number of barrels and adjuncts this beer experienced, it has a towering cohesiveness to accompany the mind twisting experience of drinking it. With Double Barrel Catch Hell, you can expect expanding flavors of hazelnut praline, earthy dark chocolate, and bright cinnamon smothered in a chocolate mirror glaze. 15.3% ABV.


Sale will be through Universe – find the link below.

At 8:30 am, 30 mins prior to the on-sale release of tickets at 9 am, a waiting room will open.

At 9 am, the waiting room guests will be randomly funneled into a queue to purchase.

Limit is 1x2pk per person.

1x2pk = $39.99 (which includes a $2 gratuity to our staff).

Guests who purchase more than 1x2pk or 1×2 pk from both locations will be refunded.

You must select your pick-up location when you purchase your ticket // Lincoln or Balmoral.

Once you select your pick-up location via ticket, we cannot change your pick-up location. 

After the sale ends, we will email you a link to book your pick-up date and time. 

If you need support after purchase, please email orders@halfacrebeer.com

Note: there is no benefit to entering the waiting room 30 minutes or 1 minute before the time of sale—you just have to be in there before 9 am for your chance to purchase Double Barrel Catch Hell. Being in the waiting room, or in the queue to purchase, does not guarantee purchase.


Pick ups will be available from Friday 2/12 until Sunday 2/14. 

Balmoral Ave: 2050 W Balmoral Ave 

Lincoln Ave: 4257 N Lincoln Ave 


You will be able to add a proxy at the second scheduling event (our direct email to you after sale). Proxy name supplied via email must match the ID of the person picking up.


Also available tomorrow at 9am, only through our Lincoln Curbside and Balmoral Take Away Cafe to-go sites (not through the can sale on Universe).

Gold Double Barrel Catch Hell 14oz Tumbler

Limited 2020 vintage Catch Hell draft howler fills.

Full Bath & Toiletries Raffle Fundraiser – winner receives a 2pk of Double Barrel Catch Hell.

Lincoln Curbside Balmoral Take Away Cafe

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