January 26, 2017

Domestic Buckets

Domestic Buckets, a 6% abv Buckwheat Bock, was brewed with our good friend Davin and his brother Kellan, co-hosts of Memphis’ Wise Acre Brewing. While no popcorn was stuffed in the mash, we finally downshifted into decoction mode on our German engineered brewhouse on Balmoral, for that authentic full flavored taste. A sturdy A-Frame of traditional German malts, combined with toasted buckwheat berries and bags of German noble hops, make this table bock ideal for any iced down happy hour session. It will probably sneak into an import bucket deal or two at the bar with beach volleyball courts too, it’s that good. 


release date: 1/27

22oz bomber: $8.99

32oz howler refill: $9

64oz growler refill: $17 

16oz pour: $7

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