April 12, 2016

Deep Space

Space, an IPA named for an old friend of Half Acre, rarely leaves the walls of our brewery. There’s a stiff group of Space enthusiasts that frequently visit Half Acre. Whether it’s by spending time in the shop or along the bar in the tap room, they’ve become pieces of our brewery. It’s fitting that a beer named for one of our first regulars has encouraged the proliferation of those that spend time with us.

So, to echo the cycle and layer the positive with additional rings, we made Deep Space.  A chasm of pits and peaks, swollen with caramel and sap.  The water is chummed, here come the sharks.


on draft only 10% ABVrelease date: 4/13/1632oz howler refill: $1264oz growler refill: $2216oz pour: $8

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