April 27, 2016


On Friday we release Coven Maibock.

This is a beer we brewed with Oxbow out of Maine.  We were fortunate to meet Tim before Oxbow was born and since then they’ve built a brewery rooted in authentic beers that personally align with their culture.  If you haven’t been to Maine to check out their brewing oasis split between the woods of Newcastle and Portland, you should leave your job and go.

Oxbow brews Farmhouse beers that typically hit wood, are often blended and take skillful advantage of creative additions, bugs and time.  We brew micro ales and lagers that often see generous hopping programs.  When setting out to brew beer together, we quickly landed on a Maibock. Neither of our breweries have made the style and we’re both hitting an upcoming brewing conference in Philadelphia where we felt it would be nice to drink Maibock together.

A traditional spring lager beer with elements from both our breweries. Go outside, drink beer and commune with each other.


22oz bomber: $7.9932oz howler refill: $964oz growler refill: $1716oz pour: $7

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