September 19, 2016

Chub Step Porter

Now the sun sets earlier and sleeves and hats creep back onto our bodies. The cycle is unchanging. Like leaving your dog to go to work every day just to be greeted when you get home like they weren’t sure you’d ever return. 

Our annual releases function in much the same way. They follow the calendar and the seasons, arriving with anticipation each time. Chub Step Porter seems to carry this comfort most concretely. Maybe it’s because there’s something just right about an english porter to set you towards autumn or maybe it’s because dogs and loyalty are just about synonymous – but the silky roast and balanced sweetness of this beer pats us in all the right places. 

Chub Step Porter comes out a week from Friday. Take it in alongside the appreciation of the elements in life that are set to cruise whether or not anyone is watching the track. 


release date: 9/30 at 11am6% ABV22oz bomber: $6.9964oz growler refill: $1532oz howler refill: $8 16oz pour: $6 

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