February 3, 2020

Introducing TOME

Soon… TOME, a year-round hazy pale to run the veins of our distro footprint. For now, two pillars of importance:

This is a purpose built Pale Ale. Low ABV float beer has always been a big part of our investment. IPA, DIPA, monster dipping sauces, of course, but over the stretch: PALE ALE.

The other, this is hazy beer. It suits this design and allows for another band in the rainbow of hop proud beers you can easily get from Half Acre.


Bodem 12oz 12-packs Have Arrived


Last April we brought a brand new India Pale Ale into our year-round lineup. Evenly spliced between classic and modern, Bodem is our ideal IPA of today. Tropical and lush in the mouth, with just enough bitterness to keep the rounds coming, it established itself quickly as a go-to. 

In that spirit, we’re very excited to bring you Bodem IPA in 12 packs of 12oz cans. Since we started using the format last year (with Daisy Cutter Pale + Pony Pilsner), access has become a standard pull. Great for the fridge, great for travel, great for sharing ~ it’s everything we want for our beer. 

Available now in our shop and Balmoral taproom, with distribution to follow in the coming weeks. 

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