May 25, 2016

Beer Hates Astronauts

Last year, Ryan Browne completed a 10 issue God Hates Astronauts series. If you are still unfamiliar with minternets and kugg-gees, you should stop being a marg and get to reading

While you’re at it, drink a pint or two of Beer Hates Astronauts, the unofficial beer of the God Hates Astronauts franchise – your mind finger will thank you. Stripped of all but the necessary concentrations of Vienna malt and Citra hops, it is sure to bring forth your time giraffe fantasies and inhibit your interest in slamming letters together in the proper order. 

Go ahead and turn that cow brain impulse controller off, you’re not going to need it. 


release date: 6/3/16 22oz bomber: $8.99 (limit 4 per person) 64oz growler refill: $20 (limit 64oz per person) 32oz howler refill: $11 (limit 64oz per person) 16oz pour: $7 

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