August 30, 2017

Balmoral Tap Room & Garden

At Half Acre we refer to our breweries as Lincoln & Balmoral.  A basic and trusted way to delineate between our two homes. On September 9th we’ll open our Balmoral Tap Room & Garden.

Opening our Balmoral brewery to guests is a giant moment for our brewery. Without a destination where people could come to experience this brewery, it never would’ve felt complete.
The vision for this tap room stems from our experience at Lincoln.  We appreciate all the elements that make that space feel full on a daily basis.

For Balmoral, we hope to share something different, but similar. While Lincoln is more intimate, we hope Balmoral to be more accommodating to larger groups, families, and experiential flexibility.  We’ll be doing another post on the food and beer program, but we’re taking the opportunity to treat this menu as a unique offering. 

The Garden, while just a corner in our parking lot, is a place all of us at Half Acre already gravitate towards when sinking beers.  Like Lincoln, Balmoral will highlight our aesthetic interests and investment in the practice of hospitality.  The majority of its architectural elements were built right here in our woodshop, we commissioned the artwork, and generally made it feel like Half Acre.  We look forward to having you and further colliding our collective universe..

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