February 15, 2019

2019 Manifesto

The world of brewing has become harder to get your arms around, so we wanted to lay out how you should be thinking about Half Acre in year 2019.

We are a brewer with two breweries, Lincoln & Balmoral. Each focus on their own end of what we do. We are not big, we are not small. We are invested in the past. We are invested in the future.

We are a proud distributing brewer that works to technically and efficiently brew high caliber beer that’s designed to leave our brewery.
We believe that beer should be accessible, relatively affordable and shared in this way.

We are also an ambitious direct-to-customer brewer. Our shop on Lincoln was one of the first of its kind and our ability to connect directly with beer drinkers continues to be instrumental in who we are and what we brew.
We make certain beers in small volumes and work to protect the idea that primitive sophistication offers its own magic.
These beers are less efficient, more expensive to make and inherently more intimate.

We care about time honored beers and brewing. Classic IPA, Mixed Culture Wilds, Pilsner, Stout, Lager, Pale Ale, Mild, Golden, Brown….
These beers will exist in our lineups inside our walls and out in the world. They are cultural ingredients that serve as an ideal backdrop for communal exchange. They are the keys to our collective sensory history.
We’ll be supporting them with language and effort that’s more clearly aimed at their intent.

We care about and are making a new investment in future forward brewing.
The boundaries of personal perception and the threshold of impact is expanding.
From here on out, if we say that we’re ‘releasing’ a beer, then it was brewed with the intention of enlarging sensory experience.
Nothing in the middle — just pushing for the edges.

We operate two tap room restaurants that offer the most diverse lists of beer we make, choice foods and environments reflective of Half Acre.
These spaces exist to be the most immersive experience you can have with our brewing company.

Half Acre as a culture of humans respects one another, considers integrity as a benchmark for success and appreciates your interest in what we make.

2019 should be a great trip around the sphere of hot plasma in the sky.

Thanks for reading and Cheers,

All of us at Half Acre

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