October 28, 2019

2019 Benthic


In just a few weeks, we’ll be sharing this year’s batch of Benthic.

Benthic Imperial Stout is a fortress of specialty malts, long boil times and density laid down in bourbon barrels. Benthic is conditioned on toasted coconut and whole coffee beans before packaging.

For variants this year, we have

Vanilla Benthic, our bourbon barrel-aged base conditioned on Madagascar Vanilla beans and toasted coconut

Double Double Benthic, a blend of bourbon and coconut rum barrel-aged imperial stout, conditioned on a double dose of toasted coconut and whole coffee beans

Apple Brandy Benthic, an apple brandy barrel-aged imperial stout conditioned on cinnamon and toasted coconut.

All Benthic + variants will be packaged in 16oz cans and we will be selling all packaged units online.


We spent a lot of time weighing the most equitable and positive way to get this beer into people’s hands, and this is where we landed. Easy to purchase, no lines or snow, and easy to grab when you’re able, though we will be having an especially good time on the first day of pick up, should you choose to join us. We adjust our methods year to year based on your feedback, so please, let us know what you think.


Option A ~ 1 x 2pack of 16oz Benthic – $24.99 before taxes + fees (limit 4 per customer)

Option B ~ 2 x 2pks of 16oz Benthic + 1 x 2pk of Vanilla Benthic – $79.97 before taxes + fees (limit 1 per customer)

Option C ~ 2 x 2pks of 16oz Benthic + 1 x 2pk of Vanilla Benthic + 1 x MIXED 2pk containing 1 x 16oz can of Double Double Benthic + 1 x 16oz can of Apple Brandy Benthic – $109.96 before taxes + fees (limit 1 per customer)

You may add any combination of the above options to your cart, with the appropriate limits. Please note that service fees do increase with every additional option selected. There was no way around this reality.
The name on the ticket purchase must match the name of the person picking up the beer.
Proxies are permitted, but please make sure to input the correct name at the time of purchase. We will require a matching ID at pick up.
Any purchaser found breaking the rules above will be automatically refunded and will forfeit any purchases.


The following advice comes from the ticket host site, Universe, for a smooth purchasing experience:

To help ensure your checkout experience goes as smoothly as possible, you can create and/or sign-in to your Universe account on another web tab. This will prefill your first, last name + email when you attempt to purchase your Benthic tickets

FYI, ticket inventory is not held until payment has been submitted and your Order Confirmation screen displays

We recommend you have your CC # ready & pick up name ready so you can fill in the necessary boxes as quickly as possible

Due to what we’re expecting to be a high-demand on sale, a digital queue may prompt, if it does you’ll be entered into a randomized digital queue based on the time you’ve entered the queue

If placed in the queue, do not click out of the queue as you’ll lose your place in line. Please keep in mind tickets may sell out before you leave the queue

Due to what we’re expecting to be a high-demand on sale, there may be a small delay in receiving confirmation emails but be sure to re-check your email a few minutes after the sale and also check spam, junk mail folders, etc, if your tickets didn’t arrive and you received an Order Confirmation page

Pickup will begin on November 22nd, with a pick-up party on Lincoln Avenue with tunes, treats, draft-only stout variants, merchandise, and more. The pickup window will end on Sunday, December 1st. You may only grab your purchase from our shop on Lincoln during retail hours. The taproom will not be able to get you your allotment at any point. Please note we are closed on Monday, November 25th + Thursday, November 28th. You may find the rest of our hours here.

Any bundles that haven’t been picked up by that date will be forfeited and auctioned off for charity. There are no exceptions and no refunds.

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