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World of Bog

Barrel Aged Barleywine

In February of 2021, we mashed-in Golden Promise, a balanced British pale malt, with Naked Oats and Flaked Barley. We harnessed the full technical throttle of our Braukon Brewhouse by boiling The Bog at a sinister level for hours. The wort then met a blend of yeast strains to cluster complexity only accessible inside fermentation profile before spending the last 20 months buried beneath the barrels of four different varietals of Balcones Whiskey and Rumble honey and fig spirit.

World Of Bog is the sole result of time and technical brewing pursuit empowering raw materials through a kaleidoscope of process.

We settle into a glass of singed suede whiskey butter crumble, candied and caramelized. Honey, raisin brittle browned by Maillard Reaction and entombed by the Ogre’s practice of swirling towering ABVs around the chalice.