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Time Being

Double India Pale Ale

We brew oodles of IPAs every year. Big ones, little ones, piney, fruity, soft & mellow, bitter & bracing. We run at it all in hopes of providing the full experience array from a brewery that loves how hops live in beer.

Time Being DIPA features the “Turkey’s Pick” – a blend of Riwaka, Moutere & Motueka hops from New Zealand. We threw cool process tricks at this beer & left in un-spun, far from the grips of our centrifuge. Gotta say, Time Being is one of the biggest, softest IPAs that’s crept from our brewery. It’s tear-open-the-night, terrify-your-insides, big-cheddar IPA that pours thick & Houdinis right from the glass. Poof. Tasting notes of hippy healthfood store papaya push-up pops, orange custard, mango meringue & ‘nilla wafers. Looks like banana soup & lacks any lingering bitterness that often trails behind full-throttle IPA.