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The Salamanders of Goat Hill (Half Acre x Troon)

Hazy Double India Pale Ale with Coconut and Thiolized Yeast

I grew up on Goat Hill, on the banks of the Delaware River, where my parents still live today. Alex from Troon, now too, calls it home. If you walk our woods back you’ll find a vernal pool where each year Spotted Salamanders ascend from where they’ve been to find the others & extend their order. While fermenting this beer, the Salamanders emerged in the night rain. We humans fumble around debating espionage via viral videos of teens honing the griddy, while these ancestral beings mandate an inconceivable, natural pathway necessary for this planetary spaceship to continue. The Salamanders of Goat Hill is full-bodied haze taxidermy in honor of these spotted saints.

The grain bill, very thick-in-the-thigh, suggests butter you’d want to spread on toast at a stately euro-continental breakfast. Thiol precursors were targeted, isomerization was avoided, and Riwaka, Motuere + Motueka cast undisturbed, bizarro notes of science distorted grapes, passionfruit & loud, melange citrus. HBC 586 + Amarillo build layers. And finally, we toasted a deep dose of coconut to celebrate the cerebral vacationland only it can evoke. It’s all out hoppy beer for the inner realm. Thank you, Troon.