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Riwaka Double Daisy Cutter

Double Pale Ale

Today Riwaka Double Daisy Cutter. As you know, we use Daisy Cutter as substrate to explore a bunch of hoppy beers. This one, though, stands in a land all its own. Even by New Zealand standards, Riwaka, when used at titan levels and paired with a yeast blend that we’ve come to love, delivers a pervasive quality not found in most other varietals. It fires off an alien marmalade of tangelo, peach, pin-up weed with trailing dollops of pineapple cream. DDC variants also host big malt character, not so much in flavor profile, but in scale of body and mouthfeel and to apply base for the hops to reach into your head. If you’re someone that tracks down beer’s most high flying, gooney beers, check it out. Riwaka DDC puts on the show, for sure.

Our Riwaka is grown by our friends @hoprevolution in Tapawera at the top of the South Island. When we spent time in New Zealand their farm was in its infancy. Since they’ve become prominent growers yielding beautiful hops. We got to have beers with them the other day, the first time since the pandemic. Real nice to have their work coursing through our beers.

Available on draft in our beer garden + taproom & 4pack cans in the shop.