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Double India Pale Ale

Preen Double India Pale Ale. We haven’t brewed this beer in a long while. With time calculus shifting away from the boundaries of reality, this beer hits like yesterday forever ago. Preen firmly sits in the West Coast canon of IPAs. Pizza Port on a blinding, sunny day with sandy, bare feet everywhere. Idaho 7, Mosaic and Equanot encourage notes of citrus, pineapple, honeydew and dragonfruit on a very slim, knife’s edge malt bill. Firm grasp bitterness calls out the classics of surf and mountain towns of yesteryear, but there’s a ton of the real fun fruit, modern ag presence of today. Our house ale strain dried it out, but still round and a hearty 8.7% ABV. The new art feels terrific and so does this beer one pint down. Available now in the shop only!