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Lava Run

India Pale Ale

With this Strata focused west coast hazy IPA we look to the Volcano in two ways: First, the volcano captures the thing we’re always trying to discuss: Nature as all. It’s tranquil, soft and welcoming. It’s also ferocious and about to tear you limb from limb. The kids get to jiggle to Jerry’s guitar, but there’s always the thump of the heaviest doom tones over the ridge. That’s the best. Second, Kiddie Land. Did you grow up in Chicago? There used to be an amusement park in Melrose Park, IL called Kiddie Land. At one point there was a ride called Lava Run. We’ve discovered some real love for Kiddie Land – families packing up and heading out for a day on the rides. Melting pot fun for everyone. How all this connects to a smoker IPA from Half Acre is unclear, but lucky us that we get to wind all this up inside of cans of beer.