• Galaxy-DDC-2

Galaxy Double Daisy Cutter

Double India Pale Ale

We brew a lot of beers in a calendar year. Some of them needle fine details, some shine due to how much space they offer those enjoying them – not asking for much beyond easy-to-grab enjoyment. Then there’s beers like this, teetering on an edge, pushing into your chest, questioning how loud flavor can and should be. There was a time when people would reference Guinness as a beer reserved for the edge of intensity, the expected references to petroleum products, but then beer got intense.

Fast forward to the final days of 2021 and most are road savvy, having ingested the full rainbow, but beers like Galaxy Double Daisy Cutter prove that even your most tattered, road-dog buddies can get their hair schmeared back. A full goblet of GALAXY – uncut, electric tropical pith, cool whip resin, going-get-this-in-with-a-spoon blood orange tang. This is expert level, pop open the fire hydrant, New Year stuff.