Half Acre Lager & Crystal Norde

I was going to jump on here and espouse how wonderful Half Acre Lager is, speak to its merits, and describe how it really is one of the shining examples of how delicious, complex, and refreshing the lager style can be. But this description from Gabriel, from last year when we released the beer, really does it more justice than I could craft:

"We open the Half Acre time capsule and pull out an old battle axe, Half Acre Lager. In years past, this beer was taken through the ringer of inexperience. Sadly, this beer was pistol whipped and rolled by goons. 

However, in the end when we were brewing it at our brewery for draft sales, it was a lager to be respected. Unfortunately, we soon abandoned it as a perennial offering because the lagering time was killing us. A glimpse at what could’ve been. So with a tip of the hat to nostalgia we dusted off the cob webs and laid down some serious lager tracks to offer you, Half Acre Lager, as it always should’ve been. Clean, crisp and noodling your hot spots with quenching cold power." 

We will unsheathe Half Acre Lager on Wednesday, January 30, in growler & draft format. $5 per pint, $8 per 32 ounce growler, and $14 for a 64 ounce growler. 

Also coming out this week, but at the opposite end of the light spectrum, we present Crystal Norde. From the realm of darkness, from the landscape of dreams, Crystal Norde is the baltic porter for your fortress of solitude. We channeled some mystic sorcery with this beer, with the proof being in the porter. Roasted up then lagered out for the long haul, this 7% palace of porter hits all the right notes. 

Crystal Norde will begin to flow Friday, February 1 for all your draft beer desires. $5 per pint, $8 per 32 ounce growler, and $15 for a 64 ounce growler.

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